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Welcome to the Noble Laboratory!

This is the Home Page for the Noble Laboratory at the University of Rochester. We are located in room 2.9838 in the KMRB and are a part of the Biomedical Genetics Department. Our current students are from various departments, including Genetics, Pathology & Molecular Medicine and Pharmacology & Physiology.

Our Laboratory works closely with the Pröschel and Mayer-Pröschel Laboratories.

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Follow this link to read more about recently published papers, funding awards, conference presentations and more (FYI).

Information for Prospective Students

The increasing understanding of stem cell biology provides us with significant new opportunities to understand development, mechanisms of injury and approaches to regeneration. Development of a sophisticated understanding of the general principles underlying precursor cell function will increase our ability to use stem cells, or the more restricted precursor cells derived from them, to successfully repair damaged tissue either by cell transplantation or by recruitment of endogenous stem cells/precursor cells.

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